where's Simon

Josh was at his wits end. It was getting late. Still no Simon. Why did he have to get like this? Giving him the silent treatment. Never letting him know what was really wrong. Was he that unhappy?

OK, maybe he knew. Maybe it was the fact that it wasn't just the two of them anymore. There was a house full now.

"I don't know how he gets so bothered, " Josh mentioned to Rhys. "Fuck's sake, we're a family." It was going on after midnight. Josh had left him numerous messages on his cell.

"Its probably nothing, maybe he just needed some time alone." Rhys assured him as the night wore on.

Simon didn't seem to care how frustrating all this was about Amy and her rehabilitation. It would be a slow go, and Josh had to be there for her. Didn't he?

"She doesn't even know who you are," Simon had said earlier when Josh had found him in the hospital. He'd found him off with Maxie which was a bit peculiar to Josh. Wasn't Maxie a bully back in school? What had changed? Now they seemed all chummy.

"What if he's off with Maxie?" Josh said out loud.

"Isn't he working at the Black Cat tonight?" Rhys said.

"But they've closed for the night." Josh didn't know what to do. What would he say if he called the police?

Josh was beginning to think he was the grownup one here instead of Simon.


ellie said...

sort of feel for josh..but not completely.

cait said...

what will josh think now..if he finds simon?

Justkyut said...

Just droppin' by.. Happy Thanksgiving!

justkyut said...

Actually that's my favorite shirt the black one.

I watched the twilight this afternoon. I'll post my comment and opinion tomorrow.

I can't cook LOL! I just ate pizza

taffy. said...

how much older IS simon?