all is not lost

Rhys wasn't sure what to do when he found Francisca at his place. All right, it really wasn't his place. His place with Sasha, he supposed. He just hadn't gotten around to getting there as of yet. She'd given him a key. He hadn't lost his way. It was just he didn't want to go until he was good and ready.

And he'd had a lot of thoughts in his head. Especially, when it came to Francisca. God, how had he done it? Had his way with her in the loo at The Dog. Well, it was just a one off, wasn't it? It was the holidays. He could use that as and excuse...if Sasha ever found out, but she wouldn't, would she?

He was sure if he'd shown up with out Francisca around, he would have been hit hard in the chest with just about anything Sasha could find like an orange or even a potato. But as it was, it was all so cozy. The two of them bent over the kitchen table talking girl stuff he supposed. No, second thought, she'd been crying. Francisca too.

"Whats going on girls?" Rhys gave them a bit of a scowl.

"What a lovely time for you to show up," Sasha looked up at him as if she knew voodoo she'd use it on him right now and shrink the most important thing to him. His penis, of course.

"Well, there was shopping to do," he laughed it off then.

"Christmas shopping? My left foot! No, I don't even see a pressy in your hand, now do I?" Sasha snarled back.

Francisca just gave him a long stare then.

"What's wrong?" Sasha looked at Francisca.

"Nothing." Francisca shook her head.

"You have the most miserable timing, don't you?"

"Did you two have a row," Francisca said.

"No, but we're about too. Mr. Sleeze bucket didn't even show up to help me move in!"


Rhys looked at Francisca as if she was figuring it out. "Well, I think I should go. I really should." She got up then.

"You can't," Sasha winced. "I want you to stay."

"I couldn't."

"She can't, Babe, she needs to go," Rhys found himself blurting out when in fact he really needed to speak to Francisca. They'd work it out. He might even need to see her again. Yes, he was sure of it when she walked toward him. He wanted her so badly. He could taste it.


Cait said...

Rhys has been a very bad boy this Christmas..hope it won't ruin Sasha & Francy's friendship.

another.ellie said...

This might be one sour pickle that Rhys is in.

taffy. said...

rhys is so wrong.
poor francie...