Simon was home. His mum sent a care package of sorts, assorted teas and biscuits and tins of soups.

"You'd think it was Christmas, already," Josh looked through the presents in the clothes basket. His mum even supplied them with a few new bath towels and soaps and the like along with a knitted throw to keep them warm. "She's far too good to us."

"Well, she likes you," Simon shrugged. Josh couldn't help but smile at that. "So where's the Christmas tree?"

"Christmas tree?" Josh shrugged.

"We must have one."

"Don't rush me. We'll have one soon enough. Lets get everyone settled." Josh told him that Rhys and Sasha were just about moved into Billy's.

Simon noticed then Ian was carrying boxes of Sasha's things out the door.

"Where's Rhys?" Simon asked.

"Off at the SU bar, I guess. Not sure, a contest of some kind, I reckon." Josh shrugged.

"And he's not helping?" Simon shook his head and went to check on something then on his laptop about work. Jeremy had been rather laxed with him lately, but he knew he had to get back to working on some files for him.

"Sasha hasn't really said much. She's been busy packing and what not. Sounded as if it was her stuff and Rhys really didn't have all that much," Josh said.

"You think?" It didn't look quite right to Simon. Ian seemed sincere enough. Perhaps it was for the best if it did all fall apart with Rhys. Or maybe Sasha needed a good friend at the moment.

"You know not much thinking is involved when it comes to Rhys," Josh smirked and went then to check on Amy's room. She'd be home by the evening.

"Don't make me laugh," Simon smiled. "You might make me hurt myself." He sighed then thinking everything would be settled soon. He sort of hated to see Sasha go, but it would be good for her to hopefully make a decision about things. Maybe she'd see she didn't need Rhys after all.

Of course, Amy..that was entirely a different story, thought Simon.


PUSANG-gala said...

reminds me of the song---constant change by Jose Marie Chan.....hmmmm

taffy. said...


i like him.
i think.

ivy fan fic said...

I'm glad Ian's helping. I'll have to see where this will go.