the happiness

Josh couldn't believe it when Frankie said yes. He thought maybe she must have been drunk. She'd came home from some Christmas gathering with her old acting friends of the theater. And she was in a grand mood. Someone had given her her favorite drink, cherry vodka.

So naturally, she made him a drink and went on quite awhile about her many accomplishments in the theater. That's when she decided she'd have a go of it in London once more. But she had Newt to tend to and what would she do?That's when Josh had her answer.

He couldn't wait to share the news with Simon so he went straight away to tell him of her plan.

"We've got Newt!" Josh couldn't hold it in. He had to give Simon a kiss right away, but Simon was a bit resistant.

"And just why are we celebrating this?" Simon squinted, practically pushing him off.

"Because," Josh sighed wondering if there was anything he could do to please him. "Amy is coming home. Billy will be there with Newt and Leia, and we'll have Sasha and Rhys off to the old place."

"The old place," Simon sighed as if he missed it. "Such fond memories..." He looked up as if those were days of blue skies and sweet times. Then he stared at Josh harshly, "But where in the hell will we end up when its over! When Amy is all better and knows who she is and sees Newt isn't quite all he's cracked up to be. Huh?"

"We'll worry about that when the time comes, luv," Josh was grinning. "This works out with everyone. You won't have Sasha and Rhys to put up with. I'm sure you can bare it with Newt and Billy, at least. And Amy's this lost lamb. I don't think she'll be asking for your kidney or anything. It won't be bad. I swear it won't. Just come home." Josh grabbed Simon's shoulders then. "You have to know I miss you. I'm mad about you. I don't think I can take another night without you."

"All right." Simon nodded and Josh didn't wait. He kissed Simon ever so tenderly.


taffy. said...

josh is so good for simon!
(that ol' pessimist)

Cait said...

oh simon.