home for the holidays

Billy wasn't sure what to expect when they showed up at his parents. It was rather formal. Everyone dressed up as if they might be expecting royalty. It was just as he remembered. Cold. And oh so boring.

"We shouldn't have come," Billy whispered to Newt who was holding Leia.

"Well, let Leia do her magic," Newt just said. "And if that's not enough, then at least they've met their grand-daughter."

So Newt let her down, she smiled at Billy's father. He was a bit standoffish, of course. But she kept pestering him until he noticed her.

"Mr. Santa, did you bring me something good?" She laughed then.

Of course his father gave her a startled look and said to Billy, "Are you absolutely sure she's yours?"

"Yes." Billy slightly squinted. Just what he needed an integration right in front of Leia.

"Well, then, why did you wait so long, lad?"

"I dunno. Scared, I suppose." Billy had an uneasiness about this question.

His father then showed her to the presents under the tree. "I'm afraid you'll have to wait for your Uncle Scotty, you know he's not so much older than you. He's just six."

"All my uncles are so old." She nodded, and when Billy's Mom brought in Scotty, she ran right to him and gave him a hug.

Newt gave Billy a bit of a smirk, but Billy wasn't sure if he could believe it.

They managed through a fine dinner of goose and all the trimmings. Billy was shocked they had so much to share. They generally ate like peasants and were happy when they could afford a good lamb stew. It was really so complicated. Everyone so nice. Billy could hardly believe it. There was just something so unusual. Perhaps it was him. The unusual part.

Later after dinner when they went to sit around the fire and watch Leia and Scotty play with their toys, Billy father showed him back to his office.

"Are you really serious?" His father wanted to know. "You taking on something so mature as having a daughter."

"That's what I have to," Billy told him. "She's my daughter. I love her."

"I see." His father went to light his pipe and think. "And this Newt fellow, is it for real?"

"Well, of course." Billy wasn't going to lie. It was best to be straight forward about the future.

"He's quite young, isn't he?" His father stared at him intently.

"What are you getting at?"

"I'd rather you not bring him back. We could see Leia once a year. That would do. We could send a card on her birthday." His father shrugged. "I'd rather not get so attached, you know."

"I see," Billy had expected as much. "Well, thanks for the dinner." Billy felt his throat tighten.

"Until next year then?" His father looked at him.

He couldn't give him an answer. Billy was certain though, he wouldn't be back with Leia. If Newt wasn't welcomed here, neither was he.


taffy. said...

such a twisted ending.
it happens...

Cait said...

So sad..it was so nice..and then...

dapper kid said...

Babies are usually quite good at sorting out odd family meetings, guess that didn't really help this time! Hope you're having a very merry christmas :)


happy Holidays dear!!!
PEACE+JOY always*