how about it

Josh listened to Newt go on and on about Billy's family when they got home and before they opened all the presents under the tree.

Mostly, everyone got socks, but that's what was on everyone's list and of course the new Bloc Party CD which Billy had already put on the CD player.

"Sounds like an outstanding time, then," Josh was all smiles. "Good for you too. Sounds swell. Now they'll be bugging you two to bring Leia all the time for a visit." Josh gave him a pat on the back while they watched Leia play with her new doll her grandmother gave her.

Simon brought out hot chocolate and cookies while Billy tried on a new scarf Sasha had made him with skull and cross bones. Newt had one to match.

"We should have a party for new years," Simon suggested.

"You want a party?" Josh just smiled. "I never thought I'd hear you say such rubbish," he teased.

"Well, we need to do something." Simon was certain.

"I dunno," Billy shrugged. "Who do we know who could come?"

"Just a few, perhaps. Like Sasha and Rhys."

"And Maxie." Simon nodded.

"Maxie?" Josh scowled then. "What's he got to do with any of us?"

"Don't be so jealous, he's hardly my type. I've just managed to be friends with him, and he has really no one." Simon told them.

"He has Ste," Newt smirked. "I heard it from Lauren. Ste came through. Not doing a lot actually, but he's back."

"Not to his old self, I hope," Billy said. "That would have been a fine Christmas present, you know."

"Yes, very much, but I'm glad he pulled through." Newt just nodded and went back to his cookies and hot chocolate.

"You know what, what if we had Kelsy over? You know, that would definitely be entertainment!" Billy then laughed.

"No." Simon shook his head. "If she comes, the party's off."

Everyone went back to looking at gifts and just relaxing.

"There's not going to be a party is there," Newt then looked at Josh.

"No, I don't think so." Josh shook his head.


Cait said...

awww..no Kelsy..huh? Don't let that stop them.

taffy. said...

haha, i like how that began and ended.

autumn said...

i like to party. what's so rubbish about that. lol @ Josh.