in the mood

Billy couldn't keep his hands off Newt once they got back to his place, and Newt didn't have any qualms about the matter as he kissed him back harder just as they shut the door behind them and found they had a lot of catching up to do.

Billy didn't want to talk. He was glad Newt didn't, either. Who needed words right now as they stumbled around in all the heavy kissing, finding there way to Billy's room. They could feel the rush of each other as Newt slipped Billy's shirt over his head. He felt Newt's fingers toy with the buttons on his jeans. As he Frenched Newt more he could tell something else was ready to pop out of Newt's skinny jeans, as well.

"I'm very happy to see nothing has changed much," Billy caught himself laughing as he knew exactly what they'd been waiting for as they touched on the bed, yearning for more as if one thrill lead to another with the pushing and the little moans of satisfaction until it was done and exhausted where only the sweat remained.

"Why can't we do this, like everyday," Billy had his arm around Newt afterwards in the lull.

"Um, three in the afternoon works for me," Newt sighed.

"Then its done. Done deal, before tea, I say," Billy winced.

"Of course, I really don't have much more than forty-five minutes to spare," Newt looked at Billy who in turn tugged at the ring in his lip.

"Times not up yet, you know," Billy reminded him. "Maybe you can do that thing you like to do with, you know-." Billy shrugged a bit. Just thinking about the ring on Newt's lip made him hard.
"Quite possible," Newt grinned and he moved in for another open kiss as he pulled Billy closer and stroked him once more.


taffy. said...

is it weird that i think this is sweet?

Ivy said...

Of course, not Taffy...

my friend and I had found a louie garrel video with him and this Gregory guy..kissing..and we thought that was sweet. Just wished louie hadn't sang so much.

Jules said...

its sweet, really :D

rachel ann said...

thank you for the comment :)