in with the new

Sasha was a bit peeved. No Rhys. She'd moved in practically by herself with some help from Ian. It was getting late too and she was tired and her back ached. But she knew if he were here only one thing would be on his mind, and she knew she might want to kill him for sure then.

"I don't really care," she told Ian or maybe it was herself as she looked at the boxes.

"Would you want me to find him, for you?" Ian found the tea kettle at least and got out the basket of goodies that Simon had left for her.

"No." She shook her head, gritting a smile. Maybe he would be gone for good. Wouldn't that be like him? "I really shouldn't have counted on him at all, you know." She wanted to tell Ian her ghastly problem with him, but she didn't want him thinking any worse of her than he probably already did.

"I'll be fine, really," she nodded then as if she were content with this. The open space. Something to call her own. Perhaps. A little while at least.

"Then I'll make tea. Help you set up the bed, at least," Ian looked away as if he were embarassed. "Just so you can have a good rest. You'll need it."

"I suppose." Honestly, she was sure she could lay right down on the rug and fall asleep. Although, it was a bit drafty. Winter was certainly here. Even a few snow flakes were out and about.

Ian went to turn on the kettle, then found the flannel sheets Simon had left for her in the basket. They were paisley and pink and freshly washed in lavender. He got the bed ready. Finally Sasha stood in the bedroom doorway with her arms crossed, watching.

"Simon really knows his bedding," Ian nodded. "I'll give him credit there."

"I suppose," she sighed. "It'll take a while to get used to. No one around. It might get too quiet."

"You live above a pub. It won't be that quiet, Sasha." Ian asssured her as he smoothed the sheets down. He went to find the white comforter then.

"You're right, what was I thinking," Sasha couldn't help to be sad. She couldn't say why exactly. Was it just leaving Simon and Josh or the fact she knew the real Rhys.

She felt a cold shiver run through her as she looked about the bedroom while Ian went to make the brew. Was she really ready to do this? It was supposed to be so different. This was supposed to be their time together, but it wasn't. It felt like an empty space now and there was no way she could fill it up, was there?

Ian said it was ready so she came to the kitchen to find the sweets out. He put milk in her tea. She wondered how he remembered.


"Its gonna be a cold one tonight," Ian told her as he watched her hands cradle the big round tea cup to keep warm.

"Thats what I hear. More snow?"

"I promised Maxie I'd sleep with him tonight." Ian half laughed.

"What?" She pulled a face then.

"Not what you think," he shook his head, no. "He swears he hasn't had a good night's rest since sleeping with Simon. Of course, not sure Simon slept much. He was rather ill." He smiled more. "Just an experiment to show him, he's not gonna get any more rest than usual. I think its just bad dreams that the mob is out to off him."

"The mob?"

"Hope not, but you never know with Maxie," Ian shrugged.

Sasha drank at her tea then, trying her best not to worry about Rhys or her trust in him.

"You'll have to let me know how it goes," Sasha said.

"Its a bit silly," Ian said quietly.

"Well, at least you have someone." She smiled, joking then.

"Yeah, right." He took a sip of tea then as if to shut up about it.

She reached out and touched his hand.

"You've been the best," she said. "You're a real godsend, in fact. Don't think I could have done this move without you. You're a good mate. Really. I don't know if I can repay you."

"A good pot pie would do the trick," he grinned.

"That would be lovely," she smiled back. "We'll see if this oven works. Soon."

He nodded and put his cup away in the sink.

"Guess I better find Maxie. He should be off his shift soon. I'll have to listen to him ramble on a while."

"I really haven't missed him much." She shook her head. She'd see him soon enough like tomorrow when she had to help out at the pub during the busy hours of the evening.


ellie said...

I think Ian is just what Sasha needs. Can't believe Rhys.

dk:dc said...

Aw...glad Ian was there.

Justkyut said...

Hi Ivy.. I'm not feeling good right now but dog is doing fine. thanks for dropping by. Happy Holidays

taffy. said...

the head touch!
i can't wait to see this progress.