It could still be Christmas

It was nice to have the house to themselves. Finally. Of course, Simon was sure of it, they'd drank too much at Josh's parents. Of course, it had been awkward there with Freddie and Hannah. It looked as if Hannah would be having the baby any day now and Josh would be a real uncle.

But they asked about Leia. They remembered her charm and of course, they all had presents for her.

"I really think she's quite spoiled now," Simon told Josh who looked through the presents under the tree. They had decided to take their time celebrating and wait for Newt and Billy along with Leia, and of course, Amy.

"She could never be spoiled enough," Josh told him, putting his arm around Simon.

"You would say that because you love every little things she does," Simon looked at Josh then as if he needed to take this seriously.

"Don't you love everything she does?" Josh cracked a smile.

"All right, she's adorable and I don't know what I'd do if she wasn't here with us." Simon shook his head.

"You know, we really should have had Billy here ages ago," Josh said.

"Well, better late than never," Simon shrugged. "Do you think Sasha is OK? I seriously thought they'd be at your parents today."

"They probably need to just get settled," Josh nodded as they sat on the couch. "You know, how it is."

"I just hope she had a good Christmas," Simon was a little worried. He felt as if they'd thrown her to the wolves when they let her go with Rhys.

Josh smiled at Simon and toyed with hair a bit, pulling his fingers softly through it. "I'm sure they're just fine." Josh kissed Simon then as if they needed to forget all the problems in the world and just have time for each other. Simon Frenched him back, and they kissed until it felt like sleep there on the couch.

"We really should go upstairs," Josh finally remembered.

"Um, but I like kissing you by the Christmas tree lights in the dark," Simon said and with that he turned off the lamp so they could be in the dark with the glistening Christmas lights.


Couture Carrie said...

Your dialogue is so captivating!!

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas, Ivy!


taffy. said...

gorgeous ending.
except sasha worries me,
(more rhys than sasha)

Cait said...

That was sweet. Everybody should do that.

ellie said...

It made me smile.

autumn said...

that's so sweet. hehe.

and leia is really adorable. how i missed her. ^^