its beginning to look like the holidays

Newt felt a little nervous ever since his visit with Amy. Why didn't he tell her the truth? Her hopes were so high. And that smile. It was good to see her awake, and happy. Happy to see him. Of course, they didn't talk about everything. He guessed she knew. She would have known about the baby, wouldn't she? They wouldn't have not told her at the hospital. Right? So much going through his head. He so wanted to ask, but he didn't know how. He hadn't a clue what he'd even say. He just had to find Billy now. Hopefully, he wasn't mad at him.

He had a chill now as it began to snow. He felt a bit ill. Headachey. He didn't need this. Why did everything have to be so miserable? The Christmas lights were about in the village. It was time for the holidays and he wasn't even sure there was anything to even celebrate. He looked in at the window at the Black Cat, there was Billy and Leia having tea and her favorite French vanilla pudding.

"Good, I'm just in time," Newt decided to at least look happy. And Billy couldn't stay mad at him with Leia around. He'd at least have to act as if he enjoyed his company.

"Where were you?" She wanted to know as he took a seat.

"School. I had to stay late and read the rules all over. I've been a very bad boy," he told her.

"You bad boy," she teased.

"We wouldn't have it any other way, now would we?" Billy just smirked at Newt.

"Well, I've learned from the best, you know," He wiggled his lips a bit eyeing Billy then.

"I'm just about to take Leia back, care to join us?" Billy didn't look so angry to Newt.

"That would be splendid, but I need a brew first, right Leia?" Newt smiled at her who looked very regal in her red velveteen dress and french braided hair. "You mean to tell me you've already had your photo shoot with Santa? Without me?"

"What photos?" Leia squinted.

"We were supposed to have a Santa picture?" Billy looked at Newt.

"Of course, Christmas cards need to go out any day now. And you are intending to send a photo home, now aren't you?" Newt nodded.

"I am?" Billy looked then as if he knew what this was about after all. "Brilliant. Amazingly brilliant, I must say." He smiled then. "Well, drink up, best I go change my shirt if that's the case."

Newt drank his tea then with a smile.


ellie said...

sweet moment.

dk'dc said...

Oh...Newt..you and the truth. What will happen next?

simon n josh said...

Newt loves a tea party. Cute about Leia.

PUSANG-gala said...

really startin to look a lot like Xmas except that I don't feel the spirit yet.....it's true they say that it's in the heart, maybe my heart is still too preoccupied with a lot of things....hope the christmas spirit take me soon. It still is my favorite holiday of the year.

taffy. said...

and billy is being so sweet :)