looking a lot like Christmas

Billy was excited. Maybe more so than Leia. It was a nice gesture. Getting the tree just in the neck of time. Of course, there really weren't many ornaments for it. He'd taped a photo of the two of them on a gold snowflake he'd picked up cheaply at one of the shops. They'd been busy earlier cutting out snowflakes. Leia made her mark on each one of them with crayon. It was all so simple but delightful.

No matter what happened at his parents, it would be all right. Because he was just visiting, after all. It wasn't his real home, anymore, it was here. Even so, it was a bit awkward around Amy who hardly acknowledge he was even there. Best to keep it that way, he supposed. But she'd be all giddy around Newt and that made him a little sick about the situation. But what were they to do, just make the best of Christmas.

"Hurry, will you, dinner will be on the table soon," Simon made a point of telling everyone gathered around the tree. Naturally, it wasn't the tree they were watching, but Leia decorating it. She was jumping for joy. Couldn't quite wait for Santa.

Josh mentioned they'd go to church to the food drive. It was just a Christmas concert, but it was a time for giving too. It wasn't they went their often, but it sounded like a good thing to do. Possibly a time to enjoy the snow as well.

"Then some sledding," Newt smirked. "Can't forget that."

"Well, lets get this party started," Billy smiled as he saw Simon pouring the wine.

"I wish it was Christmas everyday." Leia clapped her hands looking at the lights on the Christmas tree. Billy wished he could think the same only it wasn't Christmas yet.


ellie said...

Aw so sweet. Hope things go ok for him at his parents.

dk:dc said...

This was sweet. Gets me in the holiday mood.

taffy. said...

leia... she's just so generally amazing.