A lot like Christmas

Billy wished he'd gone with Josh to talk to Frankie, but he knew it wouldn't have done a bit of good. He guessed. He just couldn't stand the woman. Why was she like that? OK, maybe he needed someone overprotective. It was hard to say since his mom was pretty much overprotective of his little brother. Not him. His brother was in preschool now. He felt more like an uncle than a brother. He supposed he'd have to buy him something for Christmas.

All these things to worry about. Did they really even care if he got them anything? No, he was sticking with the Christmas card, and he'd put it in the mail. It had probably gotten there by now. He'd hoped he would have heard from them. But he hadn't. Maybe they wouldn't call. Maybe they'd rather not know. Perhaps it was just sitting on the kitchen table unopened. He tried not to think about it because it made him miserably sad, and he found himself thinking he didn't need them. He was just fine. He had Leia and Newt. It would be OK. Really.

Yet, he'd think of his mother's plum pudding and how she put the nog in her eggnog. It was really going to be a horrible Christmas, he told himself then. Nothing could compare to that? Now could it?

"I think you need a Christmas tree," Newt advised the moment he got to Billy's place.


"Because its Christmas." Newt shrugged.

"So? When have you ever liked a Christmas tree?" Billy plopped himself on the couch and Newt sat right down with him.

"Well, it would be your Christmas tree. It would be Leia's Christmas tree... that would make it special." Newt looked pleased that he'd come up with this as he snuggled closer to Billy. Newt put his arm around Billy.

"You can't really wait for the parents to come around. Just do what comes natural, will you?" Newt kissed the side of Billy's forehead then, then his cheek and finally his lips.


taffy. said...

it will be a fantastic christmas, after all!

enid said...

That was really sweet.