moving in

Billy was ecstatic. He couldn't wait to get packed and moved in with Simon and Josh.

"You're really sure about this," Josh remained cautious as Billy brought some of us stuff over. "You know, it won't be easy with Amy around. And you know, Newt and Amy."

"She'll get the picture," Billy was confident about that. Newt would be with him. Not her. Simple.

"I hope."

"We're together, Josh." Billy winced. He was beginning to think Josh didn't believe him. "We're just as tight as you and Simon. You'll see."

"Right." Josh shrugged.

"Its not like you and Simon have taken an oath, now is it?" Billy wasn't sure if he liked Josh's attitude.

"I get it." Josh smiled. "Its not like the two of you have been on the up and up, now is it? You wouldn't even come clean with Simon or me about you two for the longest."

"What was I supposed to say, pray tell?" Billy thought it not his business. "Its not as if I've pried into your love life, now is it?"

"No." Josh sighed. "I'm not trying to get off on the wrong foot here, you know. Its just its serious, is it?"

"Are you daft? Of course it is. Always has. What do you take me for?" Billy squinted harder wishing Josh hadn't brought this all up. It was a private matter. Now wasn't it?

"Its Amy I'm worried about," Josh reminded him. "I don't know how she'll take it. You and Newt. I'm not even sure I can get her interested in Leia."

"That's just fine with me, if she isn't. All the better." Billy had decided. "What does she need her for?"

"She is Leia's mother." Josh looked at Billy seriously. "And don't forget she's possibly having Newt's baby."

Billy swallowed back the tension he felt about that. It would be nice if it could be a fairytale of some kind where they could all just get along. The three of them. Amy, Newt and him, but Billy wasn't taking a chance that could possibly happen. But it wasn't going to stop him from moving in.


taffy. said...

amy... she makes things so complicated without even trying.

but is she faking the amnesia?

ellie said...

can't hardly wait to see what's next.