never too late.

Billy was helping out at the Black Cat. They'd made arrangements with Josh's Mom for Leia and Amy to sleep over with Josh's family for the night. So all was looking pretty good about the party. He'd get the booze. Simon was in charge of snacks.

"So you think you could come and you know, provide some entertainment?" Billy nudged Ian who was behind the counter getting ales the like from the tap.

"I hadn't thought much of it, " Ian winced.

"Why so down?"

"I haven't heard from Sash and well, you know, shouldn't I be here working for New Years eve?" Ian looked at Billy then out of the corner of his eye.

"As if." Billy pulled a face. "You don't want to be here for New Years eve. It'll be a real party at our place. Not hanging out with a bunch of old timers and Molly."

"Molly is a laugh," Ian told him.

"No, she isn't." Billy grimaced more.

"There will be darts." Ian told him.

"So." Billy gave him a small frown as he worked with the clean dishes to make sure they were dry. "I'm just saying, you need to help us with our party."

"Who's coming?"

"Spike. Jeremy." Billy shrugged. "Me and Newt, of course. And a few guys Spike knows."

"Doesn't sound like my cup of tea, if you get my drift. I want to be where the girls are, not with a bunch of fuffs."

"What about Maxie? Simon says he's coming." Billy kept thinking who said they'd be there.

"So. He's not my boyfriend, now is he?" Ian sighed as he took drinks then to some table.

Billy had to think of someone he might be interested in.

"We could invite a few of the girls from school." Billy nodded.

"Only geeky ones would show. Too late for invites now, Billy." Ian went back to work at the counter, filling orders.

"Well, there's always Sash?" How could Billy forget about her.

Ian shook his head, no. "She just needs me when no one else is around."

"Don't say that, Ian," Billy gave him a pat on the back then. "I'm sure she thinks of you more than a servant. She's not like that, and you know it."

"I don't. I'm serious." Billy noticed Ian was getting goosbumps just thinking about her.

"Hang in there, mate. you might get a chance to woo her tonight if you come. If you sing. I'm begging you, be there. Someone needs to be in charge of the music, other than me."

Ian slightly sighed. Billy thought he had a taker. He'd move the pub to Simon and Josh's if he had too.


ellie said...

will Ian see Sasha soon? I wonder about this party?

ellie said...

will Ian see Sasha soon? I wonder about this party?

tc fan fic said...

Don't do anything I wouldn't do..happy New Year! Keep Writing!

blue hearts said...

Poor Ian. Hope things look up for him..but I don't know...

lonnie said...

I wonder how this party will turn out.

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! Happy New Year.. I wish you the same. Continue writing. Your a good writer. I wish you a bountiful new year.. I wish too that you would publish a book