now are never

Newt really didn't want to mess this up. Frankie's kiss was still wet on his cheek. He'd found freedom. Maybe. Possibly. Didn't want to respond to quickly because, well, Frankie might catch on. And then there was Amy to contend with.

How was Amy all right. Really. Nobody had really talked about her having the baby. Maybe they'd been wrong. What if they they took it out of her and it was somewhere basking under a growth light. It frightened him what might become of it. He just couldn't feel it was completely right after all it had been put through. It might a little demon she was spawning, and he was the father of it.

And it made him sad to think it would be best if it was never born.

He didn't want to speak of it with Amy. Not now. Not at this time. But would there ever be really a good time? Honestly?

How would she take it? If she really knew. Everything. If she knew about Billy and him. Would she lose the baby for sure then?

He didn't want to care about that anymore. He just had to get on with things the best he could. Newt had to let himself to be happy now. Why couldn't he? He was allowed.

Yes, he was certain of it now. Whatever Amy thought, he was just going to have let her know the truth. Now or never.


dapper kid said...

Yikes a demon?! Lol, still nice to see he cares in his way about the baby.

taffy. said...


does newt have feelings for amy?