on the street

Sasha was beginning to doubt Rhys. What if she didn't want to be alone with him after all? What if it was as just a mistake as anything else she'd tried of late? Wasn't this what she wanted?

She hadn't thought what she'd have to put up with. This hadn't really bothered her until now. Now it was really beginning to bug her. He really did needed to be adored. Constantly.

Always, 'come and watch me do this'...'I need a fresh shirt...' 'when will you cook anything just for me...' Perhaps she needed to pull a temper tantrum. Although, she wasn't sure what good that would do. Still she was in a slump with herself and she wasn't even sure she trusted her instincts anymore. It was complete misery. At least the sex was good. She guessed. But was that really enough?

She found herself walking by the shops. Usually, she did her best to stay away. Stay home. Tend to things. Avoid all contact with the world just to avoid Cecil. Not that she'd walk right into his record shop again. But her chest tightened as soon as she saw him walking her way with his bag of groceries.

And then their eyes met. First it was a stare. Then both looked away, and he turned to to walk the other way. She knew he was hurt. It made her more angry at herself that she knew she could make him feel so badly. She tried to catch up to him, but then thought it best to let it go. What could she say now? Really? So she walked on to The Dog. Of course, she didn't need a drink, but it was a pub and thats what it was for. Even the fruit machines didn't interest her.

She sat down in the dark corner to be by herself. She thought she saw her Dad at the bar. He was the last person she expected to see. They weren't talking, and she knew he'd stopped trying. Of course, she could have asked about Lauren, but she could see he was pretty much drunk as it was so it was best to be a stranger to him.

Naturally, she had to order something, "Just coffee." She hugged herself, really wishing she could muster up enough courage to talk it out with Cecil. But she knew deep down it was too late for that. She'd made her bed and she'd have to sleep in it even if she wouldn't get much sleep. Finally the coffee came and she just poured in sugar and cream and stared at it. She kept her hands warm holding it for a bit. When she looked up there was Ian.

"I haven't seen you in ages," Ian smiled, sitting down across from her. "Where have you been?"

"No where." She shook her head.

"I see," Ian nodded. "I don't guess Lauren's spoken with you, has she?"

"No, afraid not," Sasha looked as him as if he must be joking. "About what?"

"Trying to get the band up and running, seems Fletch has gone off to have some time alone, away from Kelsy. They broke up, and she's not really interested in keeping a gig going. So I asked Lauren if she wouldn't mind coming back. It would be just the two of us. I know it would be different now, but who knows, probably even better. Just he hadn't really gotten back to me on it."

"I'm sorry, I never see her, I've been staying with Simon and Josh, helping out with Leia." Sasha shrugged. "Looks like Rhys and I will get Billy's flat soon, over the Black Cat."

"You don't look all that happy about it," Ian told her.

"I am, its just you know, moving." Sasha lied then as she took a drink of coffee.

"You sure, its just that?" Ian kept staring. "Cecil still misses you."

"He does not." Sasha didn't want to believe that.

"Remember those T-shirts he got you to wear for that catalogue he put online?"

"I guess."

"He's been making more than a quid or two off you modeling them, you know," Ian said.

"Really." Maybe something was going his way, after all.

"Yeah, even the calander is doing well." Ian smiled.

"You are joking?" Sasha's eyes lit.

"No, I'm not." Ian shook his head.

"Of me!" Sasha shook her head, no. She had to think what had Cecil taken pictures of her in? What would he stoop too? "Please tell me its just me in the T-shirts, right?"

Ian just shrugged. Sasha was ready to choke him. "You think Cecil would be that bad?" Ian laughed at her then. "Its just a promotion he says, so people will want those shirts. Or you in them."

"Don't tell me you bought one?" Sasha squinted.

"Well, the price was right and you're hot," Ian said. "Sorry."


lonnie said...

I wonder if Sasha is mad at Cecil now. I think Ian still likes Sasha.

taffy. said...

ahhaha, last line :)

i hope something works out between sasha and cecil.
i kept hoping he would come and sit down with her at the dog.

Cait said...

Yeah, I was hoping the same thing..but oh well...just how far will she go with Rhys.

Sydney Speel said...

ian + sasha ?!