pop in

It was the last thing Sasha expected in the middle of the morning. Josh and Rhys' mother showed up.

"Well, isn't this lovely to finally find my son," his mother started almost in a song, but Sasha wasn't so sure. She didn't know what to say.

"Sorry? Um-" Sasha was lost for words. "Would you like me, to put a brew on?" She hoped Rhys would take care of this because this was a bit absurd, but then Rhys usually left everyone aloof.

"What is it?" Rhys just looked at his mother as if she had done the unthinkable. "Popping in, now are we?"

"You could have rang me, told me the news, but you didn't," His mother pointed her finger at him then. "I don't know whats going on with you if ever these days."

"Well, at least I'm out of your hair," Rhys strutted away then to help Sasha with tea. Leia made her appearance then and dazzled the soon to be mother-in-law with her own old cell phone. She had to show her that she could actually make it work.

Sasha looked at Rhys.

"Why didn't you tell her?"

"Why must our business be everyone else's," He slightly fumed as he went to find something sweet to eat.

"Because, she's your mother." Sasha sighed.

At least Leia was keeping her occupied. And Sasha shared the information she knew about Amy with Rhys' mother. Then she told her what had happened to Simon.

"Josh stayed the night," Sasha then said wondering if Rhys would ever do the same for her if their was ever a crisis.

"Isn't that romantic," Rhys mocked.

Sasha served tea then and Rhy's mother took a look at Sasha's engagement ring. "Amazing," His mother grinned. "I didn't think it was possible."

"Mum, must you," Rhys sighed. "We'll have our flat soon enough, and you can come around when you like. Just don't pop in when you please, all right? You could have caught us in a middle of a shag, you know."

"Rhys!" His mother shouted at him then. "Sasha, you've got your work cut out for you. I hope you can handle it."

Sasha looked over at Rhys. At the moment she was ready to take him out with a frying pan.


taffy. said...



oh rhys.

Cait said...

I have a feeling Sasha can handle him.


you have alovely weekend dear! ;) always!!