regulations and the sort

"Well, a lot of good that did," Billy about summed it up after Newt was quite straight with Amy about how it was.

"She's mental." Newt had decided too. Here he had a pregnant embecile to tend to who didn't believe him, but this immature lingo that they were all away at camp together. "Where does she come up with shit like that, huh, 'oh boys stay in one room and girls stay in this room...' what the fuck do I do now?"

"We just treat Amy as she is. You are still her boyfriend. But I don't think in the sexual way. Just think of her being six or so. Not much older than Leia."

"Leia is much wiser than she'll ever be," Newt told him. Finally they were in their new room which had all of Billy's stuff from his old room so it really wasn't much different. The bed hadn't gotten bigger, but still enough for the two of them.

"Well, she is my daughter, you know." Billy had to brag a little. Newt honestly didn't want to dwell on it as he shook his head.

"You're such a genius, now aren't you," Newt smirked, letting Billy believe it if he wished as long as he got what he wanted.

They kissed then for the longest bit as if it truly wouldn't be home until the sheets got messed up.

Billy locked the door as a precaution then.

"Don't you want everyone to know, this is what boys do in the boys room," Newt laughed.

"Are you saying thats part of the regulations now?" Billy smiled.

"Of course," Newt pulled Billy's shirt over his head.


Cait said...

silly boys...heheeee.

lonnie said...

like summer camp..right...

taffy. said...

she is a tad like a six year old, isn't she?