a short talk

How was Josh going to make this work with Frankie? It was an insane idea. No way would she buy it. Never. Ever.

He kept going over it in his head just what to say. But it went blank. What would he say. Billy nor Sasha would go with him to Frankie's apartment. This would be just proposterus.

Josh knocked on the door. Trying to smile. Trying to feel confident. But who would answer the door. Craig. He'd forgotten about him. He was in the village. Still.

"Craig," Josh remained even lipped.

"What do you want?" He was eating a bit of cheese and that just made Josh a bit more timid. He didn't want to watch him eat.

"Is Frankie in?" Josh stepped toward the livingroom when ran into the dinning room.

"She popped out for a bit, but should be back shortly," Craig showed him a seat on the couch.

"How's that boyfriend of yours? Seems I heard you two broke up," Craig then taunted.

"No, no he's recuperating at his mother's. That's all. He was in the hospital." Josh wasn't sure why Craig wanted to know.

"Maybe, he needs a visit," Craig smirked.

"A visit? From you? Why on earth for?" Josh winced.

"Just hooking up with old school mates, that's all," Craig bit his bottom lip as if he were scheming something.

"I don't think he'd see you," Josh shrugged.


"So have you seen John Paul?" Josh hoped that would irritate Craig a bit. Perhaps he be quiet or go do something.

"No, not really. Just in passing. He means nothing to me." Craig gave him a scowl then.

"Just as I'm sure Simon means nothing to you." Josh gave him a dead stare.


taffy. said...

whoaaa, go josh!

ellie said...

I liked this conversation.

meg said...

I like them together. Sometimes, though Newt has to be Billy's cheerleader.

jules said...

this is one of the best episodes of simon and josh :D

basyon said...

why is josh acting that way?