Simon & Billy

Simon was really thinking about the party again the next day while he was taking down the Christmas tree. It was his duty to have some sort of order around here. Of course, Amy was off relearning to do something. He forgot what because he was still busy with what he did at the library from home. He hardly saw the place anymore. He could do all his editing of records at home. And the library hadn't quite recovered completely from the fire.

"So it was evidently nice at your folks, after all." Simon reminded Billy who was helping him with the tree.

"Not that nice," Billy told him.

"But Newt was so happy. He thinks you guys hit it off with your parents," Simon said.

"I know," Billy bit his bottom lip. "I can't tell him differently. Not just yet. My Dad told me he didn't want to see us again. I guess they might send Leia something, but really he wants nothing to do with us."

"I can believe it. It happens, I'm afraid. I wish it didn't. I was so in hopes they'd treat you differently." Simon tried to smile. "I have to say, I'm glad my Mum is so supportive. Always has been. But we're here and we'll help you all we can."

Billy nodded. He didn't look as if he'd had his ego bruised to Simon.

"Its just, I wish I hadn't let Newt down like that," Billy said.

"You didn't." Simon shook his head. "Now lets seriously think about this party we've got to get going. If we can't have Kelsy, lets bring in Ian, he plays just about anything, doesn't he?"

"I suppose." Billy looked over at the child's keyboard for Leia. "I doubt he plays one of those, you know. Best let him bring his own guitar. Maybe we could get Cecil too."

"Not sure what Sasha would think of that?" Simon shrugged.

"Hadn't you heard, she split from Rhys already, had a falling out over some French bird. It seems Sasha went back to France with her," Billy told him.

"Really?" This made Simon smile. "Who would have thunk it?"

"No, I don't think she's turned Sash in to a lesbo or anything, Si," Billy cracked up.

"That's not what I was thinking," Simon winced. "She could very well get back with Cecil now."

"Or someone else?" Billy shrugged.

"You know of a someone else?" Simon looked at Billy.

"Ian," Billy said. "He could very well be her lap dog if she liked."


ellie said...

fun conversation about Sasha.

Cait said...

That did crack me up about what billy thought simon was thinking about sasha.

taffy. said...

cecil, ian, and sasha all at once?

autumn said...

some "gay" moments. haha.