Simon closed his eyes as Josh kissed him. He could feel Josh's fingers coming around his face in his hair. He had missed him so much and had worked so hard not too. As if this was just a lie as much as it was with his moment in the loo with Craig.

He so wanted to be mad at himself. How could he have done such of thing to Josh? He tried not to think of it. And the more they kissed, a dance with their lips and openess to become vulnerable again, they edged on Simon's bed.

Simon felt Josh's arms around him. Touching his back. His neck. Such a simple affecting that he'd missed, and he couldn't wonder why he'd ever left it. It felt like a dream sinking in. He so hoped it was real.

Simon's hands went under Josh's T-shirt. He touched his chest, sliding his hands down to the small of his back. It felt great to let his hand rest there as he ate at Josh's lips. There wasn't a thought in his head now of Craig. Only Josh. Only.

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