It was cold out, but it wasn't stopping Newt with that sled.

"I can't believe you've never been," Newt got whacked in the face with a surprise snowball attack from Billy.

"Not since I was little. This is for little kiddies." Billy told him. It was night fall and they were going up the hill in the park to take a ride. "At this rate are you sure we can even make it up that hill."

"Of course." Newt was determined and he smacked Billy good in the face with a snowball even if he was trying to dodge it. "Stop the pussyfooting and lets go!" It was more of an order but Billy got in one more hit in the back of Newt's neck. He shook the snow and the cold from him and marched on ahead.

"We don't even have snowboots." Billy reminded him.


"We could freeze out here, you know." Another reminder.

"Well, I have you, don't I."


"Well, then, come on," Newt trudge on. Billy did his best to keep up. Finally they made it to the top.

"We don't have to do this," Billy then said.

"As if I'd want to walk down a hill now." Newt looked at him as if he'd lost it.

Billy gave him a kiss then. His lips were cold, but his mouth was very warm. Newt kissed him back.

"You could have said something earlier," Newt then mentioned.

"You were so damn certain about going sledding."

"I still am." Newt slammed down the plastic sled then, and sat down on it. "Get in."

"All right," Billy hesitated, and sat down behind Newt with his legs and arms around him.

Newt slight shivered, closing his eyes.

"Lets knock your socks off," Newt smiled and with that he gave a push and down they went with a woosh that just kept going, letting exhilaration go over every little bump and groove till finally to the bottom.

"That was so not long enough." Billy informed Newt. "Maybe we should do it again."

"I'd much rather be snogging. We gave it one good go. That's enough." Newt tilted his head toward Billy.

"But I liked it," Billy said.

"I guess we'll just have to find something else you like then." Newt smirked. They kissed more in the cold until they could take it no more. It was best to race back to the Black Cat for something hot with preferable rum in it.

Newt kept smiling. He was glad Billy wasn't worried about his Mum and Dad and their visit.


PUSANG-gala said...

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let your heart be light~~~

Vintage Me New You said...

Thanks for your nice comment:)i like your blog,cool stuff you have in here,keep it going!
Have a great time and enjoy the holidays:)

dapper kid said...

Ooo I haven't been sledding in years!

ellie said...

so sweet. like this this one.

taffy. said...

sometimes, Newt is adorable.