a sleep about

The room felt so empty without Josh. Simon wasn't sure he could take it. As he tried his best to take it easy in his room back in his mother's flat.

It didn't seem possible that it was this small and tidy when he lived here. He couldn't imagine wanting to stay here now. It was as if he was moving back into a closet. And perhaps it was. Not physically, but mentally. He was so good at shutting the world off back then. Was he like that now?

He dug through some of his old philosophy books. It was all to keep him company. His mother had ran through as much neighborhood gossip that she knew. Really, his mother wasn't the kind to spread rumors so not much was said.

Simon sat at his desk and looked over at his little single bed. It was quite depressing. He brushed his thumb against his lower lip, thinking of the first time he kissed Josh in this room. He'd never met anyone who could kiss so perfectly. Actually, Josh was the first guy he ever kissed. The one and only. And now he grimaced with the thought of kissing Craig.

He'd kissed back which still made him retrace each step that night in the loo with Craig. Was it just something he had to do? Was he thinking of Josh? He thought so. He was now.

It was just a kiss. Only a kiss. But would he have touched his chest if given a chance? Really, Simon didn't know.

He looked up then and saw Maxie in the doorway with flowers.

"What is that for?" Simon winced.

"Well, thank you very much, why don't you?" Maxie shot right back handing over the bouquet of cheap flowers.

"You shouldn't," Simon shook his head. "People will think we're going out." He took them and laid them on his desk. He guessed his mum might enjoy them.

"Just wanted to see how you were getting about? You look good." Maxie shrugged.

"Well, thanks, I suppose, but really you shouldn't have," Simon told him.

"You did sort of fall apart at my place," Maxie reminded him.

"Oh, as if I'd forget."

"So can you fancy a drink, right yet?" Maxie wanted to know who plopped himself down right on Simon's bed as if he was ready to stay awhile.

Simon just looked at him wide eyed. That was his sacred bed. Only for he and Josh, occasionally, or if he did pop in.

"No, I do not want a drink with you," Simon pulled a strand over his ear. "What is it?"

"I can't sleep. Can't seem to sleep with out you, mate." Maxie shrugged.

"What? I was sick the whole time, you slept through most of it." Simon told him.

"Right, I was there, hadn't slept like a baby in ages," Maxie admitted. "I think I need to sleep with you."

"What? Are you going on about?"

"Its just sleep, not a thing wrong with that, is there?" Maxie pulled a face.

"Well, there is when I've got a boyfriend, already, you'll just have to find someone else to spoon," Simon shook his head. Honestly, Simon was sure of it now, Maxie was a bit of a loon.


taffy. said...


so he's one of those guys, eh?

ellie said...

this is a funny conversation.