Sasha was listening to Billy talk about how he was going to just show his parents Leia.

"What better way, just mail them a Christmas card with a picture of us with Santa," Billy shrugged when he brought Leia back.

"And you're sure you want to let them about Newt, too?" She looked over the picture. There were the three of them with Santa. "Nice." She smiled but had her doubts he'd go through with it. He wasn't exactly even talking to her about Newt being his boyfriend.

"Yeah, get it done in one big swoop, you know." Billy grinned.

"Yeah, you do that and I'll be wait for pigs to fly." Leia just sighed. "Have any of you heard from Simon?"

Billy and Newt both shook their head.

"Josh is at his wits end. Simon went off with Kelsy other night and he hasn't came home." She hugged herself then watching Leia unpack her backpack in the middle of the living-room to unpack her treasures of the day.

"He has called, hasn't he?" Newt looked at Sasha then.

"Yeah, but he didn't offer much, you know. Josh is afraid its over."

"Over?" Billy winced. "I can't be. It just can't. You'd think he'd be home just to see Leia."

"I don't know what's going on," Sasha yawned then. It was time for Leia to get ready for bed.

Just about that time, Josh came down the stairs on his cell phone.

"They just rushed Simon to the hospital, he's been throwing up blood," Josh looked at both of them.

"Not another trip the hospital," Newt rolled his eyes.

"You better take care of this one, Josh." Billy was determined to have Newt all to himself for a little while.


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Oh, billy will that really be enough..a christmas card to your family.

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oh simon..what else could go wrong.

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