still there

Simon felt as if he might have been poured into cement and meant to stay still forever as he laid there in the hospital bed. He was so tired and there was the IV still in his arm. He hated the thought of a needle stuck in him, but he supposed there had been more stuck in him while in surgery.

He was quite melancholy now as he laid there listening to the silence wondering if he'd ever see Josh again. What would he tell him? He closed his eyes for a second. He supposed. Next thing he knew he saw Josh looking down at him. He could barely hold his eyes open.

"Josh," He could barely say his name. There were so many words he wanted to get out, but none would push off his tongue.

"Don't talk," Josh smiled. He took his hand. "We've got plenty of time, later. Your Mum's here. She wants to see you."

Simon couldn't say a thing. His mother was here and as much as he loved seeing her..he just wanted to talk to Josh.

"I have to talk to you," Simon choked on the words. His voice was barely his own. It felt barely a whisper to him. "Please."

"What is it?" Josh looked so sad and Simon hated the fact it was all his fault.

"I'm sorry."

"You didn't know this was going to happen? How could you?" Josh was giving him his best smile for his sake, he supposed.

"No." Simon breathed. "About other night."

"Its all right, I don't care. Just don't worry. Just rest, all right." Josh nodded then and kissed him on the forehead. He moved back, but Josh held on to his hand strong. They couldn't be finished. Simon wouldn't have that.

Josh sat down in the chair next to the hospital bed. Simon almost closed his eyes again, but he looked over at Josh just to make sure he was still there.


ellie said...

awww..glad Josh stayed. Maybe thats the other way around.

ellie said...

awww..glad Josh stayed. Maybe thats the other way around.

taffy. said...

oh... josh is so sweet.
i hope simon has... rethought things?

Cait said...

They do need each other.

Jules said...

gosh. i love josh :D

Jules said...

are u planning to publish this (hardcopy)? let me know :D