sweet & sour

"You have a plan?" Rhys looked at Sasha as if she were planning a bank robbery.

"Don't make it sound so devious," Sasha wished she hadn't said anything. She was in the middle of laundry and all he was doing was watching her fold clothes. She was beginning to think all Rhys knew how to do were two things and then he watched television.

"Did I say that?" He squinted.

She gave him a scowl, and he finally picked up a towel to fold.

"We need our own place. I'm so tired of hand outs," she told him.

"It'll only be for a little bit, don't you know?" He folded one and then another.

"A little bit could be an eternity for you," she said.

"Why can't you expect the best for us? Why so pessimistic?" Rhys looked at her as if she had to have faith.

"I'm not. Its just I think you need to get some things in order so we can move on," she wanted to hiss at him, knock some sense into him, but here she was staring at him as if this was her baby to take care of. And she was going to have to do her part. "If we get this Billy and Newt thing settled and they move in here, Billy says we can move in to the flat over the Black Cat."

"So what you're saying, we'll be changing rooms?"



Sasha nodded as she went to put tea towels away.

"I can't stand moving all so much." He was in a huff as he followed.

"Well, grow up, you little boy," She looked back at him. "Get a job. Do something. At this rate if we move in there I'll be the one taking the shifts at The Black Cat and you'll be on your arse all day. Is that how it will be!"

"Are you saying I can't handle it?" Now he was yelling back and it was about to be a screaming match, but then Sash realised Leia was there.

"Sorry." She told her.

Leia just looked up at her sweetly, and Sasha picked her up.

Rhys just pulled a face and walked away.

"He needs sugar," Leia said.

"Does he?"

"He's sour." Leia made a face. Sasha couldn't help but laugh.


PUSANG-gala said...

hmmmm.....looks like a classic example of the mantra -----love comes out of the window when you are hungry '.

too bad. love is not all I guess.

taffy. said...

hahaha "he's sour".

rhys... was he really the right choice?

dapper kid said...

Its odd how sometimes you just need certain things sorted out in order to be able to relax and just breath, guess Rhys hasn't figured that out yet.