thoughts and faults

Josh was about to lose his cool. Still no Simon.

"Is he possibly mad now," he found himself talking to Sasha about him. It had been over a day. "I thought we could work this out. Really, we should have. He's being a might testy."

"Are you saying he's a jerk?" Sasha smirked trying her best not to laugh at Josh and his predicument.

"This is not funny," Josh scowled. "I love him and what did I do to deserve this?"

"I'm sure its nothing." Sasha went about her work in the livingroom.

"Is that what they said when you left Cecil? Look what happened? You go one off and look, look what happened?" Josh was getting nervous now.

"You know Simon wouldn't." She was serious now as she put Leia's toys away. Leia left for the afternoon with Billy. "He loves you, I can't ever see him being unfaithful. He's Simon."

"Thats what I want to believe, but what if he's off with this Maxie, right now, fucking his brains out." Josh grimaced at the thought.

"But he's not. He might be a little sore at you about a row of some kind, don't even think it."

"But I have. I am. I dunno, anymore. I really don't. And this Amy situation. God, can it get anymore difficult?" He put his hands over his face then, and he felt Sasha's hands on his shoulders. She gave him a bit of a back rub. He only wished it would have lasted longer.

"You know, we'll all help with Amy when she comes home. It won't be just you."

"Yes, well it might be." Josh wasn't so sure what was going on with Simon, anymore.


taffy. said...

poor josh...
sasha is sweet, though.
even if she did leave cecil...

Cate said...

I like Sasha. And Josh.

ellie said...

josh..get it together for Simon.