tricks and other trade offs

Josh knew it was best, but he didn't like it. Simon was going to stay at his Mum's a few days to recuperate. Of course, they were going to to be moving Amy home who was slightly aware of her surroundings.

She seemed to be aware of one thing. Newt and their baby. The certainty was overwhelming to Josh. She was so specific about it. As if this was all that mattered, and this was all she needed to know. Leia on the other hand was someone else's child. Not hers.

"Its just as well," Billy was fine with that. Of course, the Newt matter didn't set to well with him. "She's just being devious. I can see right through her, you know."

"Well, she's coming home. Maybe she'll wake up and remember everything." Josh wasn't counting on it though. Just like her sister had left the country once again to do some modeling in France. Naturally, Sarah was no help.

Josh hoped Amy would remember Sasha, but she didn't.

"How can she be so selective?" Josh wondered. She walked about like a child now who needed more tending to than Leia. He and and Billy along with Sasha sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee, discussing these matters.

"She'll come around," Sasha tried to keep Josh's hopes up. "Simon will be good as new and then we can get on with things."

"I have a good mind to see if Newt can stay around for awhile," Josh finally came up with a solution, "Maybe he can get to the bottom of this. See if she's for real or just faking."

"You'll have to get through Frankie first," Sasha told him. "I'll go with you if you like, maybe two can talk some sense into her." If it did work out, Sasha was thinking maybe there would be a bit of an exchange. Billy and Newt could move in here, and she and Rhys could get Josh's old place back at the Black Cat, at least for a little while. Only it would be up to Frankie. That was the tricky part.


dapper kid said...

Ooh this could get quite interesting, if she doesn't remember how everything is.

another.ellie said...

How will they ever persuade Frankie...

Cindiddy said...

thanks for coming by!

cool blog.

taffy. said...

that damn frankie!

amy... i don't know what to think.