what do you mean

Newt was having a hell of a time with the potato peeler. Simon just watched. Peeling potatoes was definitely not Newt's forte.

"Have you never peeled a potato?" They needed them mashed soon. The roast was in the slow cooker and this was the pre-Christmas dinner of sorts since Simon and Josh were supposed to spend Christmas with Josh's family and Billy was off for the day with his parents. Sarah had promised she'd spend Christmas with her sister Amy. It still was a bit unclear just where Leia was going.

"Yes," Newt winced, "But with a knife, I don't know how to use this fandangled thing. A lot of good its doing me." Newt put it down and went back to a sharp knife.

Simon turned. He didn't want to watch this. He was so close to grabbing the potato and all and doing it himself, but he knew he needed the help. He worked with a plum pudding then on the stove. Josh kept hinting that real rum balls would be nice. Hopefully, he'd be happy with a little rum in the plum pudding. Just enough to give it a kick. Simon smiled with satisfaction. Who cared if it turned out awful as long as they were liquored up.

"So, you're sure you really want to go with Billy to see his parents?" Simon said.

"Yes, Leia's coming too."

"What a blow this will be," Simon sighed.

"We sent the Christmas picture to them. We told them we were coming," Newt looked at Simon then. "We can't go back on it now, now can we?" He cut his finger then.

Simon grabbed the pot of potatoes before any blood could be spilled. He dumped the bloody one in the trash and reached for Newt's hand to wash it and wrap a tea towel around it until he could find a bandage.

"You must'n fuss," New cringed at the sight. "I'll be just fine."

"You are so not fine," Simon couldn't resist. "You look as if you haven't eaten in days. You're worried sick about Amy, and you act as if Billy is all the world to you."

"Well, he is." Newt stared at Simon as if willing him to shut up about Amy.

"Come clean, will you, you know you have to be at least a little confused about this whole thing with Amy."

"No," Newt shook his head. "I want her to be normal again, but I don't want to sleep with her, if that's what you're asking. I don't."

"I dunno." Simon didn't quite believe him as he went back to his broccoli and rice casserole. "You seem pretty easily persuaded, you know. You aren't like me nor Josh."

"What?" Newt squinted. "You are unbelievable!" He brought the pot of the potatoes and sloshed them right on the stove, almost making a mess.

"I'm saying, neither you nor Billy can trust each other. You never know, you might fancy someone of the opposite sex from time to time." Simon squirmed an even lip then and went back to nursing his dishes.

"Opposite sex? What is that supposed to mean?" Newt looked at him as if he were daft. "What we have is something genuine, and that's all there should be. All right?"

"Do you say you love you each day?" Simon wanted to know.

Newt gave him a stare, but didn't have time to answer. Josh and Billy were bringing in the Christmas tree with a little help from Leia and Amy.

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taffy. said...

i wish simon believed in newt and billy