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Well, Newt was keeping up his end of the deal. He hadn't missed school in days. Being with Billy meant he was always on time. Billy had a knack for that, somehow. He hadn't been so punctual in a long time. Even Frankie wasn't this good at getting him up and ready for an early day.

Of course, she hadn't called from London. He supposed she was learning lines and dance numbers perhaps. She never said what she was playing in that play. Perhaps the queen. That made him smile.

With all this happiness, it wasn't easy keeping that dark mysterious exterior that everyone knew. Yes, he was even being nice to Russ. Usually, they hated each other. And Laleh still wasn't giving this teacher the time of day. She had time for no one. Not even Ste.

"You don't even know how he's doing?" Leave it Laleh to be a snob about it.

"Well, what would it matter," Laleh looked at him as if he were stupid for asking about her brother. "He doesn't care, might as well be a statue."

"You really know how to show sisterly love, now don't you?" Newt wanted to get into it with her, but it wouldn't matter. "Perhaps I'll stop by and see him after school."

"But don't you have your Amy to worry about, luv?" Laleh was being her usual snide self. He was beginning to think she couldn't help it. Whatever did Lauren see in her?

"She attends her own sort of rehabilitation, you know." Newt told her.

"Is that what they call it? Where they learn to feed one's self and how to go to the bathroom?" Laleh smirked.

"She knows things. She's not an invalid."

"Just a little slow." Laleh winced.

"She's doing so much better than your Ste because she at least has people around her who care!" Newt snapped then. Enough. Why was she like this? Bored, perhaps. He so wanted to shake her up a little, but he doubted the bother. She was a bitch and always would be.


ellie said...

Laleh loves to always win. But I think Newt is the better one.

taffy. said...

laleh is a bitch.
always amusing, but always a bitch.

blue hearts said...

I luv Newt. Always.

Sydney said...