after dark

Had it been four hours? It didn't feel like it to Newt. At least Maxie got in a shower and Billy had helped with some soup to leave for them the next few days. Leia had done her self in too. Putting on a few dances for them and other dramas that she'd picked up from TV commercials and movie trailers. She was quite a one woman show so she had entertained them for the most part with a little help from Newt.

"Can you come back tomorrow?" Maxie practically pleaded as they were leaving into the night.

"I dunno," Newt could see Billy felt this was a waste of time. "Maybe next week, we'll try." That was all Newt could promise.

"Don't make me go back," Billy said when they were down the street. "I just don't think I could do it again."

"I see." Newt wouldn't ask anymore of him. "But Leia had a good time."

"And she should be in bed, already." Billy reminded him.

"Sorry." It didn't take long to get home. Leia was already asleep in Billy's arms. He went to put her to bed.

Newt looked around at her empty room. There was no Amy. Usually Amy would at least be in her bed watching the TV with no sound. Suddenly, a bad feeling hit him.

"Where is she?" Newt stirred.

"Where is who?" Billy told Newt to be quiet.

He found Simon in the livingroom reading a book. But no Amy. Josh was in the kitchen washing dishes.

"Where's Amy?" Newt asked Simon. Maybe he was crazy to think it. Perhaps she was in the bathroom.

"Amy?" Simon looked up from his book.

"Yes, you don't know where she is?"

"I thought she was with you?"

Newt about had the wind knocked out of him then.

"What's going on?" Josh came into the livingroom then.

"Its Amy, I dunno where she is," Newt found himself saying.

"Shit." Josh jerked out his cell then. They needed help.


blue hearts said...

I can't believe it..how could they...

taffy. said...



Lonnie said...

Newt will find her. I have faith in him.

ellie said...

Wonder what might happen next.