Newt could see Cecil wasn't all that happy to see them. He didn't say much about it on the ride home. He just turned up the radio and drove on. It was as short zip to the pub, and it took both of them to get her up the stairs. It felt a little freaky to Newt.

"So why would you do this to her?" Cecil looked at him after they got her on the bed.

"I didn't." Newt winced, shaking his head. "I don't want your sister."

"Yeah, well who does?" Cecil sighed giving her a quick look.

"Why she like that?" Newt looked at her too. It was quite pathetic.

"Dunno." Cecil grimaced reaching for a cigarette in his pocket. "Always wanted to be something she's not. She's afraid people will think she's boring."

"A little boring might be nice, you know." Newt nodded.

"You tell her that," Cecil smirked.

"Its a shame really, she was on a roll here for awhile with the music, everyone wanting to know where she'd be next for a rave. Wonder what happened?"

"Who knows, her priorities are screwed." Cecil let Newt share his cigarette with him. "What can I say, life is sad. End of story." He took back his cigarette after Newt took a drag. They both looked back at Kelsy who's hair was a lopsided mess of a rainbow, and her make up was just about gone except for the line of massacre down her cheek. "She really should have been David Bowie's grandchild, don't you think?"

Newt sort of laughed but was too sad, too.

"Should I stay with her?" Newt wondered as they walked toward the front door.

"It really wouldn't do any good." Cecil opened the door then. They walked out into the hall and shut the door.

Just then Sasha opened her apartment door. She stood there staring at the both of them. Cecil didn't budge.

"Look, I need a good fresh walk," Newt looked at Cecil. "Thanks again."

"Yeah, anytime." Cecil looked at Newt then. Newt supposed they had some unfinished business of their own.


Anonymous said...

owwww,... i think cecil should be there for sasha. it does no good to talk about her behind her back and not voice her opinion to sasha. bad sister...

love the story!

ellie said...

Cecil. What a brother.

Cate said...

Hah, they are a funny pair, Cecil and Kelsy..

blue hearts. said...

I liked the scene. Hope Kelsy gets her act together.