at the Loft

"Well, Slumdog was splendid," Josh found himself saying after the cinema was out and they'd found themselves in the thick of it at the Loft. There was no place to sit. People were already drunk. And the music was just loud. Not even appealing.

"What?" Simon squinted hard.

Josh grabbed his hand in fear of losing him. Some old dude had already made a pass at Simon and offered him a hefty sum if he'd come back to his place and try on some of his drag queen designs from his wardrobe.

"Shit, what have we got ourselves into?" It cost a small fortune for a mojito and Josh still couldn't be certain if they tasted that way for real. It might as well have been punch with vodka.

"I really don't like this." Simon was tense. His whole body couldn't flex.

"Come on, luv, this way," Josh coaxed. At least he could still see the exit.

The clapping began like a riot, suddenly. Lights were stirring around from above. It was about to start. Strippers.

"Well, we should stay for this, shouldn't me?" Simon said.

"Um," Josh looked up and saw his brother's best friend on stage. "Shit. Its Gilly. He's going to strip!"

"He's on a tease," Simon yelled back.

"I can't watch this." He knew Gilly like a big brother. He thought the world of him, until this moment.

"All right," Simon smiled then pulling him along. "Billy said we could have a drink at the Black Cat if we couldn't stomach it here."


Simon pulled him through the throng of swaying bodies. They were leaving the Loft.


ellie said...

I can't believe they didn't stay..hehehehe...

Cait said...

I'm glad they are going to the black cat.

taffy. said...

hahaha, the best laid plans...