the blues

Billy's songs impressed Josh who hadn't expected Billy to play the guitar and sing. Of course, they were old ballads for old timers mostly, but a bit of the Beatles, too. Some sea song got in there as well. Josh hadn't a clue who started up the play list.

Naturally, when it was over, everyone gave a hearty applause, even Katy and Maxie were pleased.

"Who knew you could do this?" Josh went over to see Billy who was putting his guitar away.

"I was hoping no one. And just keep it that way." He was rather shy about the gig. "Its the sisters who put me up to it." He meant the ones who ran the pub. "You know how they get when they are together, anything that might drum up business." He shrugged. "Charlotte's taken off with her boyfriend to the shore, and that just leaves Elsie and Bessy to take a go at the place now. Its like a contest, I suppose."

"Well, they should all be proud," Josh smiled. "A shame, Newt couldn't be here to witness this."

"I'd rather he didn't, you know." Billy was rather even lipped, moving on. "Its a joy, but I'm not banking the bank on it." He then said of the gig. "I just feel foolish."

"Nonsense," Josh boasted. "They love you. I think you're a keeper."

Billy just shook his head. "Kelsy was supposed to do this, you know."


"Yeah, she was just here too. And then she was a no show."

"Really?" Josh wondered what that was supposed to mean.


Cait said...

Kelsy..hmm..what could that mean.

taffy. said...

kelsy and billy?...

ellie said...

I'm glad Billy got to perform.