a bottle of Scotch can do you in

Josh knew he wasn't so innocent. Actually, he didn't even know if anything would actually be the same. After this. He woke up at the brownstone with Jeremy.

It all had been very well considerate in the beginning. Josh had felt bad that Jeremy had seen Spike out having fun. Evidently, they hadn't quite broken up.

"I know he said he could only wait so long for me, but its not like I see Sarah all that much as it is. We have so much stuff. I don't know if I'm ready to give it up, quite yet." Jeremy was pretty much distressed over the situation. "I didn't know this could happen to me."

So they'd gone back to Jeremy's. Josh wanted to make sure he got home safely, and then he started in on how Spike had said, "It might as well be a threesome." This made Josh laugh. And they'd had some Scotch, the good stuff that Jeremy's Dad had sent him for Christmas. Josh couldn't get enough of it. Then one thing lead to another. Just an innocent kiss, but it quickly moved on from there.

And now, Josh felt as if it had been this out of body experience. He wasn't normally like this. No, Simon was always the one. The only one. No. No. no...no...it just couldn't be happening. They'd only kissed. He swallowed back the memory that they'd touched too.

Josh wasn't even so sure he could think clearly if he saw Jeremy again, at work. It might be quite impossible.

He quickly dressed, wishing now he'd been more drunk and had no memory of it. But it felt as if it were tattooed on his brain now. He needed to make a quick exit. He needed to find Simon before it was too late.


Cait said...

Josh. I'm shocked. How could he?

ellie said...

Didn't see that coming..but, hmmm..interesting..he made out with his boss.

taffy. said...

oh god...
at least he will talk to simon about it.

i hope jeremy doesn't somhow cling...