bound and determained

Sasha was doing her best to ignore Ian. She felt indifferent. Really. But it had happened. No questions asked. She hoped he never asked.

And it felt so vivid in her imagination now. He was clueless, wasn't he? Innocent perhaps. Here she was corrupting him in her bed. It gave her a little nausea. Yet, it made her forget being with Gaspard. Seeing him so lifeless, except. Well, there was something that wasn't quite expired.

She tried not to think about that now as she went to work at the Black Cat. She kept busy. Even double shifts. They could work her like a dog if they wished. Nothing else was keeping her. Except Ian.

Well, something like that. She'd brought him back again, to her place. Hoping to tell him everything about Rhys. Her trip to France. The thing she wished never to speak of with a dying Gaspard. But she'd ravished him instead, and he just watched, hoping he'd move the way she wanted. Touch her where she desired.

It pleased her even more that he'd been with no one.

"Not even my sister?"

He shrugged. She guessed it really hadn't happened. Lauren had truly wanted Laleh in the end, she supposed. And it had made it all the more sweeter. She thought, thinking of herself of perhaps the Queen of the damned now. Sasha had decided to make the most of it. She'd never thought of wanting to call a certain body part of another as her own. But his was, and she needed the whole package now. It was like a fire that never went out.


taffy. said...

but what of rhys?

blue hearts said...

You go girl. Cool.

ellie said...

I'm glad she's got Ian. Finally. Hope she'll be good to him.