chocolate chip fingernails

"I'm sure she'll show." Josh seemed certain of it. Although, he didn't want to recall the time he ran away with Amy. It had all been a romance on a dime of some sort and the end they'd slept together and nothing else. She was rather juvenial even then, but perhaps it was his fault. He felt it was all his fault. Everything these days.

"What if we never find her?" Simon made it sound so fatal. "We have to get out of here."

"This is Leia's home, we'll stay as long as we have too." Josh looked at him as if he could put that to rest. This was there home with or without Amy.

"If you say so." They hadn't heard back from Barnes. Who knew, perhaps he was lost at sea and the Mrs. had never got back to them. It seemed she'd disowned Amy a long time ago. There was bad blood between them and well, it had been a cold trail to even try to decipher.

Leia didn't seem disturbed by any of this in the least. She wasn't crying for her mother, she was making cookies with Billy and Sasha.

"I just wish Newt would give up," Billy said from the kitchen as he put another batch of cookies in the over and pulled out the tray of sugar cookies that were images of traced and cut out little hands with chocolate chips for finger-nails.

"He's still walking the streets?" Simon looked at Josh as if he better find him.

"Yeah, I called him a time or two. He's tired of me reminding him he has to come home." Billy remained even lip about the situation. "Maybe she doesn't want to be found."

"I suppose." Josh shrugged as he got his coat. "I need to find him. He needs to be home."

Leia put away some cooled cookies in an old heart shapped box she'd found in Amy's room. She brought them to Sasha.

"What is this?" Sasha smiled.

"You know who they're for." Leia nodded.

"Your mother?" Sasha took a guess.

Leia just shrugged as if Sasha would have to figure it out on her own. "No, silly." She just laughed and ran away to set her tiny tea set out.

"I swear she's a dwarf of some kind with mystical powers," Sasha winced.

"What are you going on about?" Billy looked at Sasha holding the heart shapped box of cookies.

"Its nothing." She sighed and went back to properly putting chocolate chips on the fingers of the sugar cookie dough.

"I swear I'm locking myself upstairs with Newt if he ever gets home," Billy then announced. "So don't come knocking, Got it."

"Promise," Sasha could hardly keep a smile in. "I would look after Leia if I could, but I have a shift to get too."

"Not a problem," Simon told her then as he went to play a part of Leia's on going tea party. "I shall be here for a while as it is." He found Leia's favorite books stacked under her favorite stuffed animal.

Josh looked around as he was leaving. Yes, everything did seem as normal as possible.


ellie said...

The cookies sound good..like what leia did for Sasha. Interesting.

taffy. said...

Unless i'm being a total idiot and they're Sasha's. And I'm excited for Newt and Billy to spend more time together!

blue hearts said...

Oh, Leia..you have a way of stealing the scene.

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