coming home

Billy could see Newt was distraught. He wanted to understand it, but he didn't. He was so sure he'd know what to do once Newt came home. Only now he wasn't so sure. All he could do was give him a hug.

"I'm sure she'll show, sooner or later, you know Amy," Billy looked at Newt as they sat there on the bed.

"No, you don't know what she's thinking. She so lost right now." Newt sucked in a breath. "You don't know how it is," More tears came to Newt's face. "All this not knowing. First my mother, now this."

Billy let Newt cry into his shoulder more.

"Stop torturing yourself like this, please," Billy told him. "It does you no good. And if either of them knew you like I did, they'd know truly what amazing person you really are. Perhaps, Amy thought this was the best thing for the time being. Maybe she figured it all out, and she didn't want to be any part of it."

"But what about the baby," Billy winced wiping his eyes on this skull handkerchief.

"I dunno." Billy shrugged. "But you have to know you've done all you could, and you were there for her and you'd make the best Dad. And who knows, you can still be the best Dad. Leia seems to think it already."

Billy touched Newt's chin then and looked at him as hopeful as he could.

"Come on, I made you a sandwich, its roast beef with lots of pickles on rye," Billy lifted the plate from the side table by the bed then. "You know its your favorite."

Newt hesitated. But he started to calm down once he started to eat. He drank the glass of milk too. Billy pushed his fingers through Newt's hair.

"Tomorrow is another day," Billy told him.

Newt eyed the clock then.

"Its been here quite a while, you know." Newt remained even lipped as he ate.

Billy rubbed his shoulders then. "Thats right always one step ahead."


taffy. said...

the sandwich :)

Cait said...

I love them together.

what we needed said...

That was nice of Billy.

ellie said...

Billy is a good guy.

Lonnie said...

Love it.