Simon gave Josh the cold shoulder. This was all his fault. Amy out and about. He just crossed his arms watching Newt flee out the door to hit the streets in search of a pregnant girl that wasn't exactly all there.

"Well, isn't this just lovely?" He looked at Josh who'd just gotten off the phone with the police.

"You'd think someone would have called," Josh sighed not even looking at Simon.

"And who's fault is that?" Simon winced.

"Bugger," Josh winced giving Simon a scowl. "Don't start it. I hadn't a clue it would come to this."

"Did you even bother!"

"Look, I've had a lot going on him my fuck'n head lately, so just shut it," Josh turned away.

"What? Just tell me what's going on?" Simon came closer really giving Josh an intense look this time.

"I dunno if we can go on," Josh hugged himself tighter then.

"Well, we have to," Simon looked at him point blank. "We can't just lose it now, can we?"

"I know. I just don't know if you love me. You've been acting like a prat, lately, all the silence. It just gets to me."

"Like you're being all Mr. Sunshine! Not." Simon said rather crossly.

"I don't know what to do." Josh gritted looking away. "I spent the night with Jeremy!" He blurted out then.

"The Jeremy we work with?" Simon looked at Josh thinking that would be completely impossible.

"It was just-" he shook his head. "I'd had a bit to drink, It was New Year's, after all."

"I'm sure it was nothing." Simon then said. "Nothing. Don't go thinking it was. Because it wasn't."

"You forgive me?" Josh looked at Simon.

"Why, of course," Simon said. "I do. Lets just forget it. I have. Already." He sighed then, embracing him completely. But he kept his eyes shut tightly. He hoped he didn't remember his night with Kelsy on New Year's eve. He never wanted to have to explain that.


another.ellie said...

I'm glad they made up..just not sure if its completely, though.

Sydney said...

i agree with 'another.ellie'

they need to ptach it up COMPLETELY.

taffy. said...

he needs to explain it.
because otherwise, josh will get ten times as pissed.

taffy. said...

he needs to explain it.
because otherwise, josh will get ten times as pissed.