heart shaped box

Sasha looked at the heart-shaped box of cookies from Leia when she got home. She couldn't help but smile. How did Leia know? Honestly? Was she the only one who knew her secret?

Sasha sighed as she put down the cookies on the kitchen counter and walked through the dark flat toward her room. A candle illuminated her bedroom. She couldn't contain the excitement. He was actually waiting for her.

She gasped with a smile.

"I didn't actually think you'd come," She sighed and Ian kissed her before she could question him anymore. After all, she had given him a key. Had she not expected it. He was already undressed and she let him take his time unbuttoning her sweater.

"Why wouldn't I?" He finally smiled on her cheek and she couldn't think of the last time she'd been so happy.

"I dunno. I just thought it might be a dream, that's all." She looked at him then. She felt his warmness then as his finger pushed her sweater back and his lips touched her neck.

"You like that its a secret, don't you? I had a terrible time keeping it from Lauren, but I will." He told her.

"Yes, I suppose we should keep quiet. Just for now. She'd had a terrible row with Laleh. It could be over." Sasha then said as she pulled away and looked at Ian, touching his cheek then as her fingers grazed his chest.

"Surely, not, they'll make up. They always do," he just said.

"She'd be better off without her," Sasha was certain of it.

"Is it because-" She didn't let him finish.

"Let her find some other girlfriend," Sasha just smiled. "That's all."

They laid together then. Skin to skin. Sasha so much enjoyed his company this way. Touching. Kissing. His scent, sweet like honey. It was as if neither could get enough of each other. Moment only seem to strengthen the sense that they needed each other. And she wondered how long they could possibly stay with way.

Sasha hated the thought that something might become between them. Not Lauren, not something else she was certain she had no control over. At the moment it was happiness, and she wanted to bask in it.


taffy. said...

This moment is so... pretty.

ellie said...

I like them together.