it might be bliss

"What are you doing?" Billy asked Simon who was on his cell back at their place.

"Nothing." Simon shrugged as if it were no business of his.

"You were texting someone, who?" Billy had picked up the livingroom while Leia had gone off to read to her dolls for a bit before he got ready for work.

"Its nothing," Simon winced. "Maxie, OK."

"What? You and Maxie? Is there something sexual going on?" Billy thought this strange.

"Of course not." Simon looked at him wide-eyed then. "This has nothing to do with being sexed up. He's a mate. And we can't always talk, all right. I can tell him things I can't anyone else, and he does just the same."

"Oh really," Billy looked back at him while the was mashing his thumbs on his cell keyboard. "Does Josh know about this?"

"I suppose," Simon sighed. "There's no harm it in, you know."

"If you say so." Billy took a basket of toys away hoping Leia would let them be for a bit.

"Maxie has found a girl," he smiled. "Finally. Just hope he doesn't screw this up."

"Who?" Billy couldn't believe Simon was this ecstatic.

"Katy Fox."

"Um." Billy thought it sounded of bad news. "Her brother is a bit of a prat. Possibly, it runs in the family, you know."

"Well, if he's happy, don't ruin it for him." Simon shut his cell then.

"I'll shut it then," Billy went on to get ready for work. If Simon and Josh were going to be out tonight, then Newt would be on babysitting duty. "What is it you two are doing tonight?"

"The cinema then the Loft for a night cap. Nothing big."

"The Loft?" Billy said. "Come by the Black Cat, I could get you both a couple of drinks for free."

"Sounds lovely, but I think Josh has his heart sat on the Loft. Says we don't get out enough," Simon said.

"Whats the difference? Its just more expensive there."

"Yes, but they have male strippers." Simon smiled. "Its Gay at the Disco night."

"Sounds spectacular." It didn't interest Billy in the least.


taffy. said...

hahaha, i love the exchange.
i'm not nervous about maxie and simon's relationship other than the effect it has on him and josh...

ellie said...

I love the idea that Billy doesn't like male strippers.