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Josh wasn't certain if he wanted to ask Jeremy how he exactly came by the job. Really, he was afraid to even be alone with Jeremy. It had been rather awkward, but then when he offered him the job...Josh couldn't afford not to take it. Especially, with real benefits and full time. Yet, he hadn't wanted any favors. He just hoped Jeremy wasn't expecting anything in return because it wasn't going to happen. He was very much into Simon even if he was being a stick in the mud at the moment.

Of course, it didn't help to find Simon on the phone with Maxie ever blasted second. Only, they hadn't argued about it. He didn't want Simon to feel he disliked their friendship. He knew there was nothing to be jealous about, but still, they were such buddies that it was irritating.

Perhaps he'd just talk with Susan who he worked with constantly and see how that might make Simon feel. Of course, he stayed in his little office staring into his laptop or some computer terminal for the most part.

Really, it was time they got out and did something.

"We should make an effort to get up every morning and go jogging," Josh suggested. "Who knows that alone could be the start of fun."

"Its too cold for such nonsense," Simon shrugged. He wasn't going to budge from that desk.

"Then how about the gym?"

"Freddie's gym?" Well, that would put a damper on things since Simon didn't like him at all.

"I'm sure he's not there all the time," Josh winced.

"I'd have to think about it," Simon considered.

Somehow, Josh was going to get them back on track. Jeremy nor Maxie and not even Freddie would stop it.

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taffy. said...

I love that Josh is so persistent.