never say never

Kelsy was keeping to herself. It had been and uphill battle lately. Ever since things fizzled out with Fletch. She supposed she wasn't sure what she had been expecting from him. After all he was a few years younger and a mere school boy. So she couldn't help but possibly want more than his company.

Really, deep down she'd hoped she would have been pregnant by now. She just felt it was something she needed. But it hadn't happened. She even had herself checked out and all was normal. So it had to be Fletch. After all, he'd been a druggie off and on. Possibly still was. Of course, she might have set him off on a bender after it was over. Last she'd heard, he was off with Molly again. And that couldn't have done him much good. Yes, she was certain of it now. Loser.

Of course, some would have said the same thing about her and her sorted past. Had all the capability to have gone off to study real music somewhere, but the work was just too much for her, and the stress was overwhelming. And no one wanted an emo girl with rainbow hair. She'd just given them the finger in the end and ended up as the fair barmaid at the black cat. It was a good thing that one of her Aunts actually owned the pub and had promised her mother she'd see after her. Otherwise, Kelsy would have had no where to live. Of course, there was hope she'd find someone and move away. But Kelsy could never find anyone who loved everything about her.

Perhaps that's what gave her the idea that a child would be her only hope. If she had one, it would have no choice but to love her. Well, she liked the idea. She liked the idea of having someone's child even more. That she knew and honestly could stand. But would she ever tell him what she'd done? Never.


ellie said...

Oh, Kelsy..I'm worried for Simon.

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