Newt was beginning to think Kelsy was made of lead. He'd started out with her on the floor getting her dressed. Of course, she didn't awake one moment in the process. He kept hoping, but she was in a deep sleep.

"You think she'll be all right?" Newt wasn't so sure. Maybe she needed to be seen by someone professional which was definitely not him.

"Just put her in that shopping cart we always see around outside and push her home, why don't you?" Billy suggested who had decided he'd stay here with Simon.

"Splendid." Newt didn't like the idea of a shopping cart. If he got her to the street, he'd catch a Taxi and just go on to where the emergencies were taken care of. "I think she should be seen."

"Just let her sleep it off. That's all she needs." Billy shrugged.

"Really?" Newt begged to differ.

"Just get her out of here, will you?"

Newt was struggling with the human ragdoll. The least he could do was to call Cecil for help.

"Must you?" Billy winced.

"Yes, I can't just leave her. Her brother should know." After he got off the phone with him, Newt did his best to get out the door with her and wait outside for her brother to come around in his car. "I hope you have better luck with Simon." Newt sighed as he put his arms around Kelsy's waist and hoped she was all right.


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