some where in between

"So you're late," Newt informed Billy when he got home. He was watching the TV a bit, but really it was off. It was just something to keep him from falling asleep completely.

"Well, when the help walks out, you stay late, what else is new." Billy leaned over and gave him a kiss then.

"Sorry." Newt pressed his lips and looked up at Billy. "You must be tired."

"I'm not that tired." Billy told him.

Newt smiled then and they went up to bed.

"Completely boring, aye?" Newt asked while he was taking off his shirt.

"Yeah, it was." Billy nodded with a smile. "Not one fight, in fact." He took off his shirt too. "Maxie was there with a date."

"Lad or lass?"

"What? You seriously think he'd bring in a same sex to the Black Cat?"

"I dunno." Newt almost laughed. "He's quite fond of Simon."

"It was Katy Fox."

"How'd he ring her in?"

"How would I know, I didn't really chat, you know." Billy licked his lips then and drew Newt in. "Can we shut up now?" They kissed quickly, then slowly as if to get to the heart of the situation. They fell in to bed then, and Newt unbuttoned Billy's jeans as they touched more. He definitely had Billy right where he wanted him. Hard and waiting. This was definitely not the time to question him what had happened. But he'd get to it sooner or later.


ellie said...

I like a lot of this dialogue..it was fun.

Cait said...

Definitely love them together.

taffy. said...

awwww :)
and i'm glad i know that maxie and katy are good

Summer said...

love this episode :D