sooner or later

"Do you think it might be over?" Newt said to Billy a few days later in the park while they were with Leia, all bundled up in the cold. Perhaps the sun was out, but winter definitely wasn't over.

"No." Billy squinted. "We are talking about Simon and Josh, aren't we?"

"Yes." Newt might as well have given him a duh. "What would happen to us if they split?"

"They won't." Billy looked at him seriously then. "We are a family. We can't leave Amy on her own, you know. She's very well not fit to be a mum anytime soon to Leia, now is she?" They followed Leia who asked where the ducks had gone. They were not on the frozen pond.

"I suppose." Newt went after Leia then.

"Do you talk with Amy much?" Billy asked then. "Does she remember?"

"Like what?" Newt turned back to him. "They told her, she's pregnant."

"Well, as if, she's showing." Had Billy not forgotten. "What are you going to do about it?"

"Wait. What else is there to do?" Newt picked up Leia then.

"It can't be Ste's baby." Billy told him.

"It probably is." Newt shrugged. "Its Amy's all right. That's all we know."

"Right." The cold was getting to Billy. "When will things get better?" He squinted.

"Don't you know, they already are." Newt grinned. He handed over Leia then. They walked toward the shops. It was time for tea. A good book to be read of some kind. And homework. Newt had to get to it, sooner or later.


Cate said...

Somehow I really can't picture Simon and Josh splitting. Possibly because of the title of this story, Simon n'Josh. They are AN ITEM. ;-)
Newt seems to be pretty relaxed, and that's good.

Have a nice weekend!

taffy. said...

Leia makes me so unbelievably happy on the inside.

ellie said...

I love Billy & Newt. I like the way they are together.

what we needed said...

Newt has this positive way about him...although, he can be the worst depressed too.

blue hearts said...

I hope Josh will be ok & Simon too..but I have a feeling things might change.