a time to celebrate

With all the Amy scare going on, Simon hadn't had a second thought about Kelsy at the New Year's Eve mix up. That was old new now. Had to be. It was nothing. And neither was seeing Jeremy now at the library. Even so, Josh had gotten a step up, he was a library clerk now. Perhaps a it was a bit convience. At least it was full-time and better pay. And Jeremy had been very generous with Simon's hours too.

Of course, Simon couldn't complain he was good at what he did with the computer work. Josh was much more suited with working with patrons. It felt as as if a celebration was in store, but Simon wouldn't hear of it.

"Why not, just the two of us," Josh smiled.

"Just dinner, nothing more." Simon didn't want to take his chances. "After all there's still-"

"What a monkey on your back?" Josh joked.

"What is that supposed to mean?' Kelsy immediately came to Simon's mind.

"Look, we've got Newt and Billy home with Leia," Josh wouldn't give it up. "We're going to the loft and it'll be grand."

"Of course," Simon sighed feeling a bit fickle about it.

Josh stared at Simon then. "You know you can be fun when you want too. Daring fun." He gave him an open smile then.

Simon wasn't sure he wanted to listen to this. He was a grownup with a grownup job now. Why did he have to be fun too? It was important to stay on the straight and narrow, wasn't it?

"You're boring days are numbered, mate, we are going to celebrate. Tonight." Josh smirked.

Simon supposed he'd get a handle on this sooner or later.


dapper kid said...

Well it's nice to see him with a steady job, and I think letting your hair down once in a while is important!

Dooder City said...

Wait, is this a dream or real life? hahaha. Is it a short story?

ellie said...

Intersting..glad they have fulltime..now.

taffy. said...

I'm trying to figure out if this will end up well or... not.

another.ellie said...

I hope they can work it out..through and through.