To the Black Cat

Simon rang Maxie as soon as he got out of the Loft. "Ask her, will you? Come and join us at the Black Cat." It wasn't that far up the road. "Tell, her she doesn't have to dress up. Just be there."

Simon felt better about calling Maxie now. Perhaps they weren't quite a couple yet, but they could be.

"Why did you go and do that?" Josh had his arm around Simon.

"Because, he needs us. All cramped up at Laleh's with Ste all the time. My mate needs a drink, all right. And now there's a lass. What could be better?"

"Don't start playing cupid, Simon," Josh shook his head.

"I'm not." Simon laughed leaned into Josh and kissed him, keeping warm in the cold night air. "I swear I'll need loads to warm me up, to go back out in this again."

"You never drink that much." Josh reminded him.

"Well, occasionally, I have." He just didn't want to talk about it. Naturally, Kelsy came to mind. He sucked in a breath and hoped he didn't see her at the Black Cat.

Luckily, when they got to the pub, Maxie and Katy were waiting for them. Simon was even more surprised. He hadn't seen Maxie this happy in a long time. They found them a table and ordered a round of ale. Josh talked to Katy while Maxie and Simon caught up. As if they had too.

"So what gives?" Simon wanted to know.

"Not a lot," Maxie just grinned. "Mates. Just mates."

"Very good start. If I must say so myself." Simon nudged him. "Josh and I have always been mates." He nodded then looking at Josh.

Just then there was a spotlight on the very small stage. Someone was going to play a set on the guitar. It was Billy.


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Cool..glad they met up with Maxie & Katy ..and of course, Billy, too.

fan fic said...

Yeah, for Billy!

ellie said...

I love it!

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I really hope that Maxie and Katy will be a couple!