"You really should have been there," Sasha told Ian who was cuddling in bed with him.

"Well, I was right here waiting for you, you know." He kissed her then and snogged a bit before Sasha remembered what they were talking about.

"His voice is so genuine. You should play together," she told him. That's what she remembered. "I thought it as soon as I heard he could sing." Sasha smiled then.

"What about Lauren and me?" He looked at her seriously.

"You can't go back, now can you?" She winced.

"Its just music."

"She needs to be with her friends, she needs to enjoy school." She nodded.

"What about me?"

"Well, you have me, silly," Sasha laughed at him now and pushed him back on his pillow. Her fingers played along his chest, and she Frenched him longingly then that not another word needed to be spoken between the two of them.


taffy. said...

so sweet.

ellie said...

Sasha and Ian..when she's going to admit he's her boyfriend?