a visit

"Tell me why we're doing this again?" Billy was carrying Leia all bundled up. Newt didn't want to wait for the rest to get home. They were going to Ste's.

"Because we care, and we can." Newt had a basket of goodies just for Ste. It was mainly candy, crisps and a scarf that Sasha had knitted along with some drinks that weren't intoxicating, but good for the brain, mostly.

"Of course," Billy didn't like it much showing up at Laleh's when they should have been at home having tea. Naturally, she wasn't there. Off with Lauren shopping, but Maxie was there.

"This is great!" He looked starved for company. He let them in. Ste was parked in front of the TV, naturally.

"You could have brought Maxie, something, you know." Billy whispered in Newt's ear.

"They can share," Newt whispered right back.

Billy let Leia down and she made a run for Ste which really felt quite unsettling to Billy. Could she remember who he was?

He wanted to tell her this is the man who told everyone you were sick when you were a baby just so he could make a quid or two over a mysterious illness you didn't even have. But he had to keep quiet. She was all smiles, taking his hands, looking up into his face as if his secret was safe with her.

"Well, would you look at that, Ste is smiling!" Maxie acted as if it were a miracle.

"Lets all smile now," Billy put on a fake one for a moment. "So he isn't doing much of anything, is he?" Billy looked to Newt then. "He's much worse off than Amy."

"He'll be just fine," Newt nodded. Newt went to say hello to him then.

"God, I hope not." Billy said under his breath.


ellie said...

That doubting Billy..I love him.

taffy. said...

Ste is a penis.
A very small, flacid penis.